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Convenient Garage Door Motor Installation Draper UT

As garage doors have evolved over the years, so have the ways humans operate them. You are very rarely inconvenienced with having to leave your car to open or close a bulky door in the rain, snow, or wind. Safety sensors give you an added layer of protection, knowing your doors will not close if something is in its path. Garage door openers serve as a timesaver and a safety feature as long as they are working properly.

Garage Door Opener Issues

What steps should you take if your garage door opener fails to operate correctly? Begin by checking the batteries in the remote, cleaning the sensor, and checking for anything that may be in the path of the sensor. Check power cords, examine moving parts and the fuse box to eliminate other issues first.

Here are some signs that it is time to call in a professional in Draper Garage Door repair for new motor installation:

  • Your garage door lacks a safety reversing feature
  • The opener is noisy to the point of disruption
  • Your remote lacks a “rolling code feature”, which prevents opener codes from being duplicated (see operating manual)
  • No battery backup, in case of power outages

Who can you trust for quality Draper garage door motor installation? A trained, professional technician who will make a fair evaluation, an honest assessment, and solve the problem quickly. You do not need to bother with the hassle of doing the job yourself. Trust the experts for your garage door repair.

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