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Draper Garage Door Broken Spring Repair

The heaviest and largest moving part of your home is your garage door. No matter if your door swings out or up, rolls in or opens horizontally, each door is made up of many working parts, including:

  • Openers
  • Cables
  • Door panels
  • Track
  • Wheels
  • Springs

Broken Garage Door Spring

The whole weight of a garage door is supported and lifted by the springs. At an average weight of 300 pounds plus, it is not an easy task. When placed under pressure, garage door springs are stretched or wound. As the door is opened or closed, those springs tighten or loosen. Which spring you have depends on your type of door. Extension springs are on each side of the door and operate like a stretching rubber band. Torsion springs run across a bar on the inside top of the door and work under tension.

Fixing the Problem

A broken garage door spring is not uncommon. Wear and tear from time can age the springs, causing them to work improperly.Inspect your garage door and parts regularly, and avoid injury or accident from a faulty spring by contacting a professional. Your Draper garage door broken spring repair technicians can assess your garage door issue and repair the damage quickly. Save yourself time and hassle by trusting a trained Draper garage door broken spring repair expert to handle the problem quickly and efficiently. Do not allow your garage door to become a safety hazard to your or your family.

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